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( albums)
Getting Fucked

Trenchcoat Whipping

Beneath My Cunt

Ultimate Humiliation

Lick & Spin

The Stalker

Experimental Sounds


The Mark Of Good Heels

Foot Gift

Stress Test

Under My Cunt


Brutal Busting

Eager For Ash

Take It In Your Ass

Boot Fucker

Clamped Cock Caning

Getting Caned

Smothered Ruined

Trample Carpet Slave

Super Dry

Dance To The Whip

Scumbag Beating

My Lucky Leather Boot Licker

Stalker Stretching

Kept In The Dark

Born To Be Smothered


Trenchcoat Whipping Extreme Caning

Boxed In

Loosen Up

Tube Of Smoke

Leather Cropping

Suffer For Sucking

Foot Service

Lusting Over Latex

The Heretics Fork

Callous Cumming

Bone Idle Busting

Soundly Smothered

Ramming It In

His Comeuppance

Pathetic Little Worm

Clamped For Milking

Marathon Cp

The Smoke Room

The Whip Wall

Vibration Milking

Trample Mat Slave

The Curse Of The Cane

Outside Doormat

The Fucking Of Your Life

My Smoke In Your Face

Leather Licking Loser


Lick My Feet

Red Leather Day

Useful Ashtray

How Much Can You Take!

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