Test Of Obedience

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Marley Brinx
Femdom Pornstars

All Mistress Marley requires is a nice long string to play a little game that gets you and her off in more ways than one. She wants to see how far you will let yourself go to make your Mistress happy and proud to call you her own. My test of obedience starts with taking your string and tieing it tightly around your balls making your cock even harder than it already is. Yes, you may be a good boy and start stroking that cock but you will never be allowed to cum unless I give you permission... Which wont be easy. I want to see you work hard to please me so I know you are dedicated to being my collared and kept slave. Show me just how much pain you are willing to take to prove you want to be mine and maybe if I am pleased I will let you cum.

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