Obscura Para Lobo

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Abigail Dupree
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Uncertainty is plastic Erotica for wolf - Erotica de plstico para lobo. A weird peregrination into the erotic dance of passing to see the next realm, a ritual of passing into quietus and the rope to end my meaningless existence of pain and deep sorrow. I hear... My screams and howls of agony and pain as they echo off dungeon walls. I see... The blurred glares of the lights about me, tinted red from the blood in my eyes. I taste... The blood that flows from my severed tongue. I smell... The copper of blood and the pain that makes me one. I sit... Chained and shackled to this pathetic life, shown the horror in everything, horrible people, doing horrible things. I cannot stop... It no matter how hard I try, my meaningless existence, nobody cares, nobody tries. Whipped to obey while I scream and cry. I push... The plastic wall so cold and light, Master wolf has me tonight. I feel... The braids slip about my neck so tight, I slump, I fade into this good night.

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