More Extreme Part 3

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Alex More
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So far Alex has suffered some pretty extreme play. More extreme than anything shes done with INSEX in the past, but were not nearly done yet. Alex is a pretty orgasmic person as weve seen already. She can cum without any stimulation. Lets try shoving a whole fist inside her. See if she can cum from that. She cant stop cumming. Brooke gets her entire fist in there and Alex begs us to let her release. Alex is put in a gyno position. Her extremely large clit hood protrudes, but we want to see her clit. Binder clips are put on her hood and pulled back to expose her sensitive nub. This is excruciating. Not quite as bad though as her next torment. Capsaicin cream, a nearly pure form of the chemical is put all over her cunt and asshole. She screams and screams, but that does nothing to heal the pain.

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