Hitchhikers Guide To The Grave

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Scarlett Mae
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The Hitchhikers Guide to the Grave says little more than Dont get into trucks with strange men! . For those poor souls like Scarlett Mae who dont listen it should really be noted that you were warned. For Scarlett the consequences are painful. Scarlett finds herself chained in the back of his truck being driven around some back road. It all goes down hill from there. Once he gets her back to his land shes got nowhere to run. Shes chained to a tree, strung up by her neck, and left to wallow. The loss of freedom is hard enough to bare, but the manner in which she is treated leaves a lot to be desired. Each position brings a new torment. Whips, invasion of her cunt and anus, gags, being fondled, and being sprayed with a hose. She should have listened!

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