Wooden Stocks Fizzle Clips

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Abigail Dupree
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Its to the stocks with her this time. Master James is a hermit of the worst kind, hedonistically sadistic. This potentially lethal dungeon Master, a clever Master craftsman that you never want to aggravate, lives out in the middle of nowhere and creates his own entertainment by the unspeakable means of tormenting those that twitch well under various types of applied pain and pleasure. He has one slave that ended up his favorite by sticking around now without being chained up at night after the first year. Yes 465, the one that is used and subjected to pain so often that she has grown to accept his evil ways as gospel, she knows little else now. Slave 465 was tasked to stain the wooded clips for use in tormenting the skin. She took the springs out of the clips before applying the stain. As you may or may not know, the springs need to be installed on the wooden pieces in a certain way or they just fall apart when using them to produce some of the nicest ringing in the ear that some screams make when clamping the tender nipples or genital bits... Hmm, anyway, needless to say she failed the task and fizzled the clips.

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