Double The Pain

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Candy Red and Sasha Sparrow
Bondage Hardcore Humiliation Male Domination Punishment Slave Girl Submission

Dungeon gets populated with two slaves this time, Candy Red and Sasha Sparrow are tied to a pole behind their backs and stand like living flesh pieces of furniture. With each hand on their unworthy cunts, Master makes them moan like obedient dogs told to sit. One long rope goes from one pussy to another and keeps both slaves bonded one at each end of a table, facing the other way, only to hear and feel the spanking and tugging of the rope. Master attaches heavy weights to the rope at the middle, tightening their bondage and presses against their pussy and whips left and right at each worthless slave. They feel sudden warmth from hot wax being poured on their backsides and scraped off with a hard brush. Each slave now gets a turn at the table, laid on their backs one slave licks pussy whille the other gets deep throat with Masters cock.

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