Before Daddy Gets Home: Mommy Penny Barber Fists Brat Natali

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Penny Barber
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When Natalie Mars behaves like a brat, her Mommy Domme, Penny Barber, decides its time for a spanking! She pulls Natalie over her knees and spanks Natalies ass red. Natalie squirms as her Mommy slides her thumb into Natalies cute asshole.After punishing her brat, Penny brings Natalie into the shower to prepare her for their Daddy Doms arrival. Natalies hands are bound behind her. After her Mommy bathes her thoroughly, Natalie eats her Mommys ass. Next, Penny pinches Natalies nipples hard before putting on latex opera gloves and fisting her girls hole. Natalie moans as her Mommys fist fucks her asshole.Penny then uses an anal spreader to stretch Natalies hole wide open. She spits and squirts into Natalies ass. She has Natalie bound and gagged and locked in chastity right before their Daddy returns from work.

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