Mud Foot Mouth

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Lexi Sindel
Femdom Pornstars

Mistress Lexi has gotten her feet muddy just to make her slave have to clean them - with his tongue! As her slave coughs and gags from licking the mud, Lexi just laughs at his suffering and mocks him, asking how the mud and gravel tastes. Lexi continually inspects his tongue as he works and demands that he keep swallowing the mud, as she only wants a clean slave tongue touching her Goddess feet. Just when he thinks he might be done, Lexi muddies her feet again and orders him to resume licking them clean. Just to humiliate the pathetic slave even more, Lexi wipes her feet on her human doormat and makes him present his muddy tongue for all to see. She delights in administering heartless cruelty to her slaves.

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